Unleash Your Inner Drive

Building the Swing from the Ground Up:

By Michael Rende, OTR

The “driver’s” of human movement are the ground, gravity and momentum. Golf is played in a standing position, so it goes without saying that the feet are our only contact with ground, forming our base that affects everything traveling up the kinetic chain.

An unstable foot and ankle has significant potential in contributing to several swing faults especially Loss of Posture, Early Extension and Sway or Slide. If ankle mobility is compromised the other joints up the chain must compensate by adapting dysfunctional movement patterns to make good contact with the ball.

Our feet and ankles should be soft and responsive absorbing our rotational forces and weight shift during the swing providing for a solid base of support.  If the feet are not supple with even weight distribution the other joints up the chain, namely hips and knees, can be prone to overuse, pain and arthritis.

Check your ankle mobility up, down, side to side also roll a golf or tennis ball along the bottom of your foot. Pain equals mobility/stability issues which can be affecting your swing and longevity with your game.  

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