Unleash Your Inner Drive

Michael Rende GolfThe human body is designed to move

Combined with proper diet, rest and leisure, our movement patterns and activity levels must be in line with our physical abilities to keep us at our optimal health. When we push beyond our bodies limitations and use dysfunctional motor patterns or improper sequencing we set ourselves up for injury.

982e95976b202285e52cff5f19c986c4“The SFMA (Selective Functional Movement Assessment) is a comprehensive assessment used to classify movement patterns and direct manual therapy and therapeutic exercise interventions. The SFMA is a system that helps rehabilitation professionals incorporate a movement pattern baseline into the musculoskeletal examination. The SFMA helps the clinician identify  movement pattern dysfunctions and the provocation of pain within movement patterns that are unique to each individual. Based on the concept of regional interdependence the SFMA will guide the clinician to the most dysfunctional region that is adversely affecting the movement pattern.” www.sfma.com

The Pain Free Performance Golf and Sports Fitness Program is designed to bring each athlete to their optimal desired performance regardless of the activity, regardless of age, regardless of current level of fitness. Our goal is singularly to get you to enjoy moving and prevent injury in whatever you pursue. Let us perform a customized movement assessment for you and create a fitness and activity plan unique to your lifestyle and movement habits.

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