Unleash Your Inner Drive

PFP_LOGO_FINAL_VertWelcome to Pain Free Performance

We were designed to move and achieve. Our optimal health requires movement for our bodies and internal organs to operate at peak efficiency. However, many of us sit and use our brains more than our bodies these days leading to poor postures and musculo-skeletal imbalances. Over time we slowly begin to “wear” our bodies differently adopting new motor pattern strategies for daily routines leading to pain. We at Pain Free Performance are a highly skilled group of therapists who utilize advanced myofascial release, manual therapy and select exercise progressions to correct musculo-skeletal imbalances, postural misalignments and movement dysfunctions. We begin with a brief look at your posture and movement patterns. If you participate in a particular sport or recreation we will assess your movement and biomechanics for those specific activities as well. Soft tissue and joint mobility issues are the first things we look at and correct with myofascial release and other manual therapy techniques. As mobility improves we integrate stretching and exercise progressions to improve core stability and improve motor control and activity efficiency. Our goal is to empower you with self knowledge and awareness of your specific body and movement patterns that lead to pain and give you the basic understanding of how to bring yourself out of pain and regain your joy and enthusiasm for living.