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7canlogoWelcome to our new blog!  Since it is Spring our focus will be on Golf Performance and capitalize on Pain Free Performance’s relationship with The Golf Performance Center at Seven Canyons – Sedona and Dave Bisbee, Director of Golf Operations, and his staff. In accordance with our philosophy of pain free, consistent performance this blog will be a multi-week “how to” in preparing and practicing for this season of golf. This blog is designed to get you started by giving you resources to assess your physical body, equipment and swing followed by weekly topics that will build your strength, body and swing mechanics and consistency. We hope our approach and information increases your enthusiasm and enjoyment of the game.

During the first few months our topics will come from my weekly chats with Dave Bisbee and will be titled “Live from the Performance Center at Seven Canyons – Sedona”. Spring is the perfect time to assess, review our fundamentals and build strong foundations in our core and collateral strength, swing mechanics and sequencing. From the “therapy and fitness’ side of things our first step is “assessment” and I will direct you to this link (www.mytpi.com/articles/screening) from my friends at Titleist Performance Institute (www.mytpi.com). These basic movement assessments will give you an understanding of what is needed to perform at the range and on the course.

Please feel free to contact me with any comments or questions at Michael@PainFreePerformance.guru. Side note: Our mission at the Golf Performance Center at Seven Canyons is to inspire new and seasoned golfers alike to play their best golf with the hope that the confidence and joy you achieve from your golf game will carry over into your life.

Michael Rende, OTR


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