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I recently worked with a client who decided to pick up golf again following a ten-year hiatus. He had a few lessons with a local pro, spent some time on the range and was playing weekly for a few months until he began to have elbow pain in his left elbow on the outside (tennis elbow).  He is a righty golfer, early sixties shooting in the low 100’s. His weekly foursome of regulars are long time golfers around the same age that shoot mid to high 80’s.   I like to get all the peripheral facts with golfers because it gives me a more complete picture and window into aspects of their golf psyche.

Following a few movement tests and a look at his body mechanics during the swing I was able to assess the main contributing factor to his tennis elbow was a “fly away L elbow” following contact with the ball and using the elbow to attempt to stabilize the club after impact. I noticed a deceleration of the club also following impact that was centered in the muscles and tendons that inserted on the outside of the L elbow.

Treatment consisted of deep tissue release of the forearm muscles, analgesic cream and laser with micro-current. I also used KT tape to relax the muscles and stabilize the elbow. I also did a little core stabilization and retraining over the ball as well as some body mechanics training to help him swing through the ball without the “fly away L arm”.  We did the retraining until his swing was pain free, then sent him back to his swing coach to fine tune and incorporate things into his swing.

I saw him a few weeks later and he reported being able to play 18 without pain and only a little pain following the round.  The above case highlights the fact there are excellent resources your membership gives you access to….there is no need to ever play in pain.

Pain free performance and longevity in your game is our goal.

Happy Hitting

Michael Rende, OTR

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