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If you read the last blog on topping the ball you might think that with golf performance curing fat shot swould be as easy as simply reversing the fix for the topped shot…that would make sense but as many of you have learned this game doesn’t always make sense. Laying the sod over one is as frustrating as rolling it along the ground and often I find fixing the problem is similar to how I fix the topped shot in that it is related to angles.

Hitting behind the ball comes down to one of two plane problems…either the plane is too steep and the club swings down too abruptly into the ground(ouch)… or the plane is too shallow which causes it to bottom out too far behind the ball. So how do you solve those problems?

Anytime I talk about plane I am going to relate it to posture….posture at address and dynamic posture. If your fat shots come from being too steep first check shoulder alignment and make sure the shoulders are parallel to the target line so that the club doesn’t swing “outside to in” which makes the angle steeper. Next make sure the ball is directly across from your sternum. If the ball gets too far forward, the bottom of the arc can be behind the ball.

The next thing to check is where your weight is at the finish of the swing. If the weight is on the back foot you are likely to hit behind the ball. This will sound similar to the cure for the topped shot but if your posture is correct and you turn through so that your weight is on your target side with shoulders level to the ground when you finish, you will start taking those divots on the target side of the ball…..and that is a great feeling!

Dave Bisbee, Director of Golf   7 Canyons-Sedona/ Michael Rende OTR, TPI-MP3

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