Unleash Your Inner Drive

As we begin to hit more solid and consistent and our swing mechanics begin to iron out, our confidence builds leading to wanting more distance from the tee box to improve overall golf performance.

I have to admit that I have never heard of anyone that thinks they hit the ball too far…or for that matter far enough. Every golfer is looking for more distance and to that end technology has played a role in achieving more distance…..it’s just a smaller role than club manufacturers would have you believe.

Let’s look at the real secret to maximum yardage. It’s not really a secret…distance is simply a product of club head speed. So if you want to hit longer you need to move the club faster. Actually, it is a bit more complicated than that. I have seen a lot of golfers with tremendous club speed that weren’t able to deliver it squarely to the back of the

So here’s the deal, max distance comes from 3 things…Space: The more space you can create in the swing while keeping the club on plane the better. Look at all the big hitters and you don’t find a short swing among them. Speed: The faster that you can rotate the torso while being able to release the arms through the hitting area the better. And finally, Sequencing: The ability to properly time all the moving parts so the club reaches max velocity at impact. Put these three pieces together and you will get the distance you are looking for. Think of it this way …..Power is generated by the CORE… transmitted through the ARMS…and timed by the Hands.

Make sure to include some regular manual therapy and proper exercise progressions that fit your individual performance profile to keep your body in optimal pain free performance.

Dave Bisbee, Director of Golf  7 Canyons -Sedona/ Michael Rende OTR, TPI-MP3

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