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The fact is most amateur golfers tend to slice the ball, or for right handed players, a shot that curves to the right. This might be my favorite problem to fix because it is also the easiest to fix. In “Golf Performance Specifics: Curing the slice” we will first look at what causes a slice. In order for a ball to curve off line the face has to be open to the path the club is swinging on. Often I hear this misdiagnosed as the result of an “outside in” swing path or cutting across the ball. You do often find an “out to in” swing path accompanying a slice but that is usually just the golfers attempt to get the ball started left to make room for the slice. So let’s fix the real problem…an open club face.

The club face is influenced most by our hands. The first thing I look for is whether the grip position is “too weak” meaning knuckles turned to the left which also puts the club too much in the palm instead of more in the fingers. To “strengthen” the grip simply rotate both hands to the right on the club so that you can see at least 2 knuckles on your left hand at address.

Next let’s talk about hand action…the hands should rotate through the hitting area. To get a feel for that, extend your right hand out and place the right palm against the left thumb…now push the left thumb over by rotating the right palm over ( the right palm should now be facing the ground). That is how the hands should work through the hitting area. Now let’s get our pitching wedge in our hands and practice that same wrist motion. To start the club should be in the middle of our stance and shoulders parallel to the target line. To build stability and control we will keep our hips stable (like a chip shot) and bring the club hip height with toe up and shaft parallel to the ground. Maintain stable hips as we swing allowing for the wrists to turn over in the impact zone and finishing with the club hip height, toe up and shaft parallel to the ground.

Once you feel confident with the wrist action, allow the club to gradually travel further in your back swing to about a 3/4 swing allowing your hips to naturally move with the swing, but being careful to not try to put “anything more” into the swing. Maintaining that same easy swing begin to hit balls focusing on the sound and feel of great ball contact and an easy well sequenced swing.

 I promise if you do this when you swing, that slice will be a distant memory.

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Dave Bisbee, Director of Golf  7 Canyons- Sedona/ Michael Rende OTR, TPI-MP3



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