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I am proud to announce the a collaborative expansion of Pain Free Performance with some of Sedona’s best fitness professionals.  Pain free activity, proficiency and longevity come from proper motor planning (activation-movement and sequencing of the kinematic chain from the ground up).  This comes from proper coaching, fitness training and joint and soft tissue mobility gained from manual therapy.   I refer to this model as “The Triangle of Successful Movement”.  

It has been a great joy for me over the past year to reach out and connect with like minded medical practitioners, fitness professionals and coaches who share in the functional movement philosophy , “Move Well, Move Often”.   Most of us understand “move often”.  How many of us really know how to “move well” during our daily routines, favorite exercises and recreational activities?  By move well, I mean move correctly.  Poor posture and poor body mechanics are part of our underlying daily activity.   The way we sit, the way we stand, just doing our normal activities, creates underlying muscle imbalances which lead to compensations in our movement patterns.  These underlying muscle imbalances will just become strengthened when we use them in our sport or exercise if not done properly.  Isn’t it frustrating to be in pain after doing something that is supposed to be good for us or that we love doing?

We are living in at a time when we have a lot of conflicting information.  We know so much more about the body and have life-saving technology at our fingertips,  yet, diabetes, obesity, chronic pain and heart disease are at an all time high.   Many of us live with high stress levels and poor diets which contribute to the underlying poor health issues that continue to stack up, even with this amazing technology.  We don’t realize that sitting at the computer for 8 hours at work and then going home and playing a video game while we eat some processed fast food, is creating an underlying poor health condition, or that our posture and body mechanics are an on going, repeated activity that is setting the tone for the health of our body.  We are often blind to the fact that the fuel that we are feeding our body is often full of inflammatory products and void of real nutrition.

I have been a health professional for over 20 years now and have been witness to the change in our overall health status.  We have to get back to basics utilizing proper nutrition, proper exercise and maintaining a good understanding of how the body works.  I am a strong believer in daily exercise.  However, you have to have proper joint and soft tissue mobility to strengthen without pain nor promote further imbalance.

Enter the “Triangle of Successful Movement” model for proficient, pain free movement.  Pain Free Performance has teamed up with excellent fitness professionals at Pryia Pilates and Sedona Fit, golf professionals at Sedona Golf Resort and Seven Canyons along with other excellent manual therapists at Verde Valley Myofascial Release.  Together, we are able to help you to “MOVE WELL FIRST then MOVE OFTEN”…..and pain-free!